How To Remove Utorrent Toolbar

Utorrent is an useful program to download torrent files, but the have a toolbar that is making your web browser to load slower and may be categorized as a PuP (potential unwanted program) by antivirus software.

You may have this toolbar installed when you have installed Utorrent or other software program that has installed it. Is important to pay attention what you agree to install during the setup process for a new program.

Utorrent toolbar may change your default search engine and may change you homepage in your browser, so you may be confused.

We will remove toolbar and your web browser will not be affected by the changes made by Utorrent toolbar.

How this toolbar may look in browser?

A web browser with Utorrent toolbar may look like this.

First, you need to uninstall the toolbar from your computer. Go to Control Panel.

Uninstall any entry related to Utorrent toolbar, if you have anyone.

Section 1: Remove Utorrent toolbar from Chrome

Open Chrome, then go to browser's settings.

Go to Extensions

Click on Remove icon to delete this extension.

Then go again to Settings tab

We will change default start page when you open Chrome. Click on Set pages link.

Click Remove where is or another weird and unfamiliar address. Then click Ok.

Now we need to change Homepage when you click on Home button. Click Change.

Set desired homepage and click Ok.

Now we need to change default search engine. Click on Manage search engines.

Click on desired search engine and then click Make default

Then mouse hover on or other nasty search provider that this toolbar may have set. And click Remove icon.

Section 2: Remove Utorrent toolbar from Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and then go to Options.

Go to General tab and click Use default or Use new tab.

Then go to Programs tab and click Manage add-ons.

Go to Search providers and choose Bing as default. Click Set as default.

Then click on Utorrent entry and click Remove.

Now when you will search from browser's search box, Bing will be used as search provider, instead a parasite one.

Section 3: Remove Utorrent toolbar from Firefox

Open Firefox and go to options.

Go to General tab and click Restore to default.

Now we have to remove Utorrent toolbar from add-ons. Go to Tools, then click Add-ons.

Click Remove and restart Firefox.

Now we will remove it from default search provider. Click on small arrow, then go to Manage Search Engines.

Select UtorrentBar and click Remove.

Written by David on 28/04/2014
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