How To Remove Alot Toolbar

Alot Toolbar offers a search box and different links to different websites from the internet. You may installed this toolbar when you have installed another software that has included it. usually, all programs notify users that will install a toolbar, but this options can be hidden or hard to see; you do not pay attention and you install the toolbar.

A browser with Alot Toolbar installed may look like this. A big toolbar, big icons and a lot of advertisements on browser's start page.

Step 1: Uninstall Alot Toolbar from Windows Programs

First, you need to check and remove any entry from installed programs. Go to Control Panel and then access Uninstall a program

Uninstall or remove any entry related to Alot Appbar or toolbar.

Step 2: Remove Alot toolbar from browser

Section 1: Remove Alot toolbar from Firefox

Remove it from add-ons

Open Firefox and go to Tools, then Add-ons. If you don't see top menu, press ALT.

Then go to Extensions tab.

Click Remove and then, restart Firefox.

Change homepage and default search engine

Go to Firefox options and, in General tab, click Restore to default, then click Ok.

To change default search engine within Firefox search box included at the top, click on small arrow and then choose Manage search engines

Choose ALOT Search and click Remove, then click Ok. Restart Firefox and all things fixed now.

Section 2: Remove Alot toolbar from Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and go to Options. In the General tab, click Use new tab or Use default. Then click Apply and Ok. This will change your default homepage/start page.

Next, for latest versions of Internet Explorer (including IE11), go again in browser's options, at Programs tab. Click Manage add-ons.

Click Search providers, then choose Bing and click Set as default.

Then click on ALOT search and then click Remove

Now when you will search in top search box of Internet Explorer (omnibox), the default search engine is Bing, it isn't anymore Alot.

Written by David on 28/04/2014
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