How To Make a Boot Disc with Image File

A boot disc or a bootable disc is a disc (DVD/CD ..) that can load automatically when computer starts.

Instead loading default operating system, computer will load the boot disc, if you have entered in DVD/CD-ROM.

On a boot disc you can put any type of program: Windows operating system itself can be installed through a boot disc or you can load different other applications or utilities like computer recovery/repair tools.

Image files are those that have extensions like ISO, CUE, BIN .. and basically there are like a CD/DVD on your hard drive. You can make bootable discs from them.

Section 1: Things you need

Is simple to create a boot or bootable disc. You need the following:

Section 2: Make bootable disc

First, download and install a software that is able to burn bootable discs. One free software that i like to use is ImgBurn. Download link is provided at the end of this article/page.

You need to download ImgBurn and install it.

Then start it and press Write image file to disc

Make sure you have the disc inserted in DVD/CD-ROM.
Then select the file to be burned on disc.

Then click Write to disc

Now you need to wait.

When operation is finished, you will be notified.

Now you can eject the disc and use it as a boot disc.
Do not forget to set your operating system to boot first time from DVD/CD-ROM instead hard disk, in order to be able to use that bootable disc..

Download links for programs described above

Written by David on 29/04/2014
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