The Control Panel section in Windows allows to access different configuration settings for security, network and internet access, remove programs,..

AVG Toolbar is not actually a virus, but may slow down you browser's speed while surfing the internet, like other..

WhiteSmoke is a service that offers translation and correction for English language. Except for their standalone software, they have a..

When you install Yahoo Toolbar or is installed by other application (often you don't know how appears in your browser,..

Yahoo Toolbar can be installed by third party software or by an application without your knowledge or while you are..

Yahoo provides a toolbar that can be installed as standalone application or included in other software programs. When you install..

Ask Toolbar can be installer by a third party program or application without user consent or is possible that you.. toolbar can be installed without your knowledge by a third party application or when you install a program you..

On Windows you can personalize your desktop as you need, change background, screensaver, move icons and so on. But besides..

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