Comodo Backup Freeware by Comodo Group, Inc.

Solution for files, operating system or entire computer
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Comodo Backup is a professional tool to make safe backups for operating system, different types of files, hard drives or entire computer. Interface is very intuitive and easy to understand and to use by anyone.

It features 3 types of backup: full, incremental and differential.

Can backup specified hard drives, folders or files, also can choose by types such as disk, partitions, MBR, registry files or entries, email account, instant messengers conversations or browser data.

Users can choose a specific format type to save backups: ZIP archive, ISO disc image, simple copy and more.

From the "Settings" menu can create a bootable rescue media (DVD, CD or ISO image generator) to backup and restore a backup of operating system if fails.

Backups can be saved anywhere: on local computer, CD/DVD, network, FTP server, email or in Comodo Cloud. The Comodo Cloud needs to create a new account and will store for free up to 5GB file size, enough for important files.

Files can be compressed and split, you can put password for them, add filters to include/exclude desired extensions, log events and errors, receive report via email, run tasks or programs after backup.

It can be integrated to right click menu to create backups for files faster.
Product details
Publisher: Comodo Group, Inc. (1) | Homepage
License: Freeware
OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Size: 22.67 Mb
Downloads: 334
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