Speccy Freeware by Piriform Ltd.

Information about motherboard, CPU, RAM and other hardware
Reviewed on Feb 03, 2015

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The program will display reports about computer's hardware configuration. Once you install it, Speccy will gather all the data and then you can access each category representing a hardware component of your PC.

It can be useful to find exact details about hardware in order to search the appropriate drivers or to see if different programs are supporting your computer's configuration.

It displays info about operating system (name, version, 32/64 bit, if firewall/antivirus/Java and other essential components are installed and enabled). You can view information about each processor (speed, threads ..), total and used RAM memory, motherboard version and manufacturer, graphic card, hard drives (partitions, space, file system), soundcard and even info about your network connection (IP, speed).

The program presents many details about each hardware component in an organized and user-friendly manner.
It displays detailed data in an easy to understand manner.
Version reviewed: 1.28
Product details
Publisher: Piriform Ltd. (4) | Homepage
License: Freeware
OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Version: 1.28
Size: 4.90 Mb
Downloads: 222
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