Pale Moon Portable Freeware by Moonchild

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Fast web browser with tabs and support for add-ons
Reviewed on Jul 09, 2014

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Pale Moon is available also as a portable version, so you can run it from any device, including USB stick, without installation. First time you need to create a folder and save there all files from the executable file which is actually an archive.

This web browser is similar with Firefox, if you used Firefox before you will be familiar with it. Pale Moon is based on Firefox code, but contains many modifications.

One of the big advantages of Pale Moon is that it starts and render web pages very fast. Is faster than Chrome or other popular browsers.

It supports tabs, users can install different extensions or add-ons to add more features (for free, also) or change theme.

Private browsing allows to surf web pages and this software will not save any records about your internet activity (cookies, temporary files, passwords etc.). To access this option go to top File menu, then choose New Private Window. Top file menu can be viewed as default or in classic style (right click and choose Menu bar).

As any other respectable browser, Pale Moon portable supports bookmarks, drag and drop, includes a search bar where you can change default search engine or search by typing directly in address bar where usually is the URL of a web page.
  • is fast
  • private browsing
  • tabs
  • add-ons
Version reviewed: 24.6.2
Product details
Publisher: Moonchild (2) | Homepage
License: Freeware (Open Source)
OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Version: 25.4.1
Size: 20.70 Mb
Downloads: 891

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