RSSOwl Freeware by Benjamin Pasero

Compact, clean and fully equipped RSS reader
Reviewed on Jun 27, 2014

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An impressive software. RSSOwl is a RSS reader available for all major platforms and offers a clean interface and great user experience in the same time with advanced options which are really easy to access, understand and configure.

Allows to import feeds from a website or from local hard drive (.opml, .xml).

Organize feeds
Create categories and and add new feeds in desired categories. From feed's properties, choose another folder(category) and your feed will be moved instantly. Easy to manage it.

Open feeds in your default browser to view the original page, search through feeds by simple or advanced criteria, group them by date, title, label etc. There a few different layouts easy to select, in order to change the organization of program's interface.

Use default labels or create your own to mark different articles with different colors and sort them later by labels.

RSSOwl can update automatically each feed at desired interval. These settings can be applied for all feeds within a category or independently.

A tabbed interface allows to open multiple tabs and switch easily from one tab to another, like in modern browsers.

Create custom filters and set desired actions when event occurs. The program can automatically move, copy, play a sound, mark as read etc. when detects a new article matching your custom filter.

It has more advanced features that are really useful to personalize it exactly as you want.
  • import feeds from OPML, XML, Google Reader
  • advanced filters
  • custom labels
  • easy to use
  • clean look
Product details
Publisher: Benjamin Pasero (1) | Homepage
License: Freeware (Open Source)
OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Size: 3.84 Mb
Downloads: 144
Requirements: Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

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