Seterra Freeware by Marianne Wartoft AB

Learn geography in a quiz game
Reviewed on Jun 24, 2014

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Seterra is a game or quiz application where children and parents can learn or test their knowledge about continents, countries and cities.

There are included all continents and almost all countries and cities around the World.

Players can choose a specific continent and then choose the type of quiz: countries, capitals, flags, provinces, states.

Once the quiz starts, you have the question near the mouse and if you click on wrong location (country etc.) it will display its name, despite isn't the correct answer. I find it very useful, because is a very easy way to learn, from mistakes. Even you give wrong answers, you will remember what country is that and is probable to know it at a future question.

The game also helps children to learn largest countries and cities, mountains, volcanoes, flags, rivers, lakes and more.
  • entire world
  • advanced locations (cities)
Product details
Publisher: Marianne Wartoft AB (3) | Homepage
License: Freeware
OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Size: 4.22 Mb
Downloads: 131
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