Sebran ABC Freeware by Marianne Wartoft AB

Learn letters, numbers, math, train memory
Reviewed on Jun 24, 2014

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Sebran"s ABC is a suite with different applications and games for kids. The application offers up to 12 different tests or training exercises.

View different objects, count them and click on the right result. If you are right, the response will be green and you will go to the next level, if the answer is wrong, the response will be red and you need to answer again. Kids can make additions, subtractions or multiplication and the program offers easy and difficult levels. 1+2 Rain menu will go into an application where different combinations of numbers will fall and the player need to press the correct number of math operation on keyboard to freeze that question.

Guess the first letter which is missing from a word; you see the image and the rest of the letters, but you need to choose between different solutions displayed to give the correct answer. Letter and Alphabet Rain modules will give you letters and you need to press corresponding one on your keyboard; if you are right, the letter will freeze.

Click on different squares that will reveal different objects. You need to remember them and you need to match 2 identical images. Word memory will display images and words, you need to match each image with corresponding word.

Hangman game
There is a game included and you need to guess letters until you complete the phrase or word.

This application will train the intelligence and general culture of kids, but also can be fun for parents, especially memory modules and Hangman game.

The program has nice music and sounds, can be turned off/on from Options menu.
  • math, alphabet, intelligence
  • game included
Product details
Publisher: Marianne Wartoft AB (3) | Homepage
License: Freeware
OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Size: 0.91 Mb
Downloads: 205
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