StopWatch Freeware by TheXSoft

Simple timer
Reviewed on Jun 16, 2014

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This is a small utility that is actually a timer. It displays the exact number of hours, minutes and seconds.

It may be useful to count the amount of time from a certain moment. It can be pauses or restart from zero anytime. with a single click.

StopWatch doesn't have additional features, but is good if you need a very simple and tiny timer to count time elapsed. It has an "Always on top" options and if you check it, the program will stay always visible, no matter what other applications are open.
  • simplicity
  • no additional features
Product details
Publisher: TheXSoft (1) | Homepage
License: Freeware
OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Size: 0.00 Mb
Downloads: 120
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