Kaspersky Rescue Disk Freeware by Kaspersky

Fix viruses when Windows cannot start normally
Reviewed on Apr 29, 2014

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Kaspersky Rescue Disk is a free tool that enable users to boot from a disc or USB device and scan their computer to find malware or edit Windows registry settings.

If you cannot start Windows normally or you cannot run the antivirus software normally, a tool like this may help you to be able to get rid of viruses without loosing entire C: drive.

Practically, once you start and boot from this disc, you can scan and fix malware on your PC. Allows to set different configuration options, also includes a Windows registry editor if you want to inspect or make modifications in Windows Registry files.

Do not forget to update it before making the scan.
Version reviewed: 10
Product details
Publisher: Kaspersky (4) | Homepage
License: Freeware
OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Version: 10
Size: 380.60 Mb
Downloads: 242
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